Prodigious Health specializes in Naturopathic Health and Healing. We offer an extensive online health assessment and interview(s) to determine habits of enervation, dissipation, potential macro and micro nutritional deficiencies, activity levels and stress management. From this information we recommend specific lifestyle changes (SAFE-H) including diet, exercise, and relaxation techniques in order to cleanse, rebuild and restore the body to its healthy natural functions. Each program is designed in three phases to effect three domains of Health- Biochemical Domain, Psychological Domain, and Physiological Domain.

Enervation is the first step in any dis-ease process. Be it stress, toxemia, or general malaise, there is always a first cause, a source of enervation.  The goal of the Pro Health phone consult is to assist the client in locating the sources of enervation in his or her life and to suggest corrective lifestyle changes, if possible, that will promote balance and true health in the client’s life. With the phone consult, as is with the physical appointment, the client will fill out an intake form and a few questionnaires. This will further assist the Healthy Tribes health coach in the assessment process.

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