Bach Flowers

Health is determined by proper balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects in the body. While most natural health therapies focus primarily on the physical needs, Bach Flower Remedies works to affect spiritual and emotional needs.

Dr. Bach, a top medical doctor and surgeon in his day discovered and used 38 flowers in combination or singularly to assist his clients with unwanted symptoms.

Even in the early 1900’s, it was known that stress is one of the primary causes of unwanted symptoms in the body. Discovering the cause of stress and ways to make the body more able to handle stress greatly increases the potential health benefits.

If we don’t address the emotional imbalances and needs of the body, only one third of the three total health categories can function optimally.

Replacing Fault with Virtue (How Bach Flowers Work)

You may have heard of the 60’s cliché “Flower Power”, what you many not know is that there is an effective healing art that utilizes the essences of flowers to address spiritual and emotional sickness. Flowers and herbs have been used for centuries to remedy varying ailments. More than 60 years ago, Dr. Edward Bach, developed a new form of flower therapy, Bach Flower Therapy, which focuses on mental and emotional factors; which Dr. Bach believed was the true underlying cause of all illnesses and diseases.

According to Dr Bach, the most basic cause of illness and disease are mental/emotional defects such as: pride, cruelty, hate, self-love, ignorance, instability, and greed. Dr. Bach realized that modern medicine only dealt with the results of these defects–disease and illness–not the cause.

Bach’s Flower Remedies work according to his premise that illness is a conflict between the soul, mind, and body and that dis-ease could be prevented before it becomes manifest by recognizing and removing this conflict.

The Flower Remedies help us create and maintain communication between our lower primal self and our higher spiritual self. The remedies don’t change our life situations, but help us adjust our attitudes and perspective toward these situations giving us greater control to change and greater ability to adjust with change.

Bach Flower Therapy doesn’t directly address the physical symptoms, but seeks to address the predominant underlying mental and emotional condition thereby correcting the emotional and spiritual disharmony. The goal of Bach flowers is to replace Fault (negative energy), with Virtue (positive energy).

Nutritional Counseling

All good health depends on good nutrition. Effective health programs include the understanding of sound nutrition-from the foods we eat to additional supplementation.

Each organ and bodily process demands specific nutrients, in correct proportions, to function at the optimal level. Extensive knowledge of the interaction and utilization of all known nutrients is essential in creating and implementing a workable health program.

Biological Ionization

Dr. Carey Reams discovered this amazing system, biological ionization,  of bringing the body into balance. The importance of pH balancing has become very popular, and Dr. Reams takes it even further by incorporating information from the urine and saliva for pH, carbohydrates, salts, cell debris and proteins. Until these numbers are brought into balance, the body cannot truly achieve maximum health naturally.

Studying mineral interaction, digestion and the cause and effect of lifestyle changes, we can better understand the source of enervation and then identify the proper steps to correct  it.  The Reams method takes away all of the guesswork. Supplementation and lifestyle change is then suggested according to the results


With any unwanted symptom, one of the first goals is fast relief. Homeopathy began in the 1800’s and is one of the best methods to obtain results quickly and naturally without side effects.

Samuel Hahnemann is considered to be the father of homeopathy. He used the phrase “like cures like” to describe how homeopathic remedies work. Homeopathic remedies have been approved by the FDA since 1938.

Herbs and other supplements work from the inside out to build and repair organs and body systems which eventually affect the outward manifestation of the symptom. Homeopathics work more from the outside in-giving relief for the symptom quickly and working toward the inward cause.


Hypnosis is the skill of using words in a particular manor to achieve a specific outcome in a heightened state of suggestibility. Suggestibility is the extent to which a person is able to accept suggestions as being true and effect the beliefs, habits, perceptions and behaviors of an individual. Hypnosis is often called guided imagery, an altered state of consciousness, visualization, or meditation.

The goal of the hypnotherapist is to help his or her clients access their subconscious mind by entering into a trancelike state. The goal of hypnotherapy is to help the client gain control–over his or her behavior, emotions, or physiological processes. This allows the client to have greater control of his or her health.

To understand hypnosis we first must understand the object of hypnosis the mind. There are various theories of the mind; the one we subscribe to is the split brain theory. This theory suggests that the mind is divided into two parts-conscious and subconscious. Throughout the day the brain is being bombarded with information called message units. We receive message units through four sources-the external environment, our conscious minds, our bodies, and our subconscious minds. When too many message units enter the brain the body begins to react by either preparing for fight –the heart rate increases, blood is forced through organs, pupils dilate– or it prepares us for flight –where blood is directed to large skeletal muscles like leg muscles for running. When the situation is found to be solved by neither fighting nor fleeing the body then enters a slower, more relaxed, hyper suggestible state. To enter into hypnosis, four areas of the mind must first be affected. First, all the message units from the day enter into the conscious mind and passes through to the critical mind, which is partly conscious and partly subconscious, where they are held. The next step is for the conscious part of the critical mind to drop the message units into the subconscious part of the critical mind where they are analyzed and either dropped into our modern memory or vented through dreams. As long as the conscious mind is present, the conscious critical area will not release the message units into the subconscious mind, so when too many message units enter the conscience critical area of our mind the body fatigues preparing a person to enter a sleep state and the conscious mind goes into abeyance. If a person is overloaded with too many message units and is unable to escape or sleep, hyper-suggestibility (hypnosis) and anxiety is the result.

The purpose of Hypnosis as a modality is to help you access your subconscious mind by entering into the hyper-suggestible state. The goal of hypnotherapy is to help you gain control–over your behavior, emotions, or physiological processes. This allows you to have greater control of your health.


Every part of the body is physically linked to the eye by the nervous system. This makes it very easy to “see” potential issues of each system of the body long before they may be manifested by undesirable symptoms.

The eye is the window to the body. Many aspects of health can be observed without complex procedures or expensive equipment. This technique has made Iridology one of the most effective and inexpensive methods of understanding what is going on inside the body at a glance.

The science of Iridology can help us understand and determine the actual cause of the unwanted symptoms (or future unwanted symptoms). Knowing how to address those causes with the best natural methods means the best possible result for the client.

Light touch Therapy

Structural imbalance can have significant influence on overall health and well-being. Body Work focuses on enhancing the proper relationship between body function and structure.

Light Touch Therapy addresses the correlation between stress and lack of body balance. It employs noninvasive techniques to normalize (balance) body structure; therefore, empowering the body to strengthen body functions. Balance is a key component to good health. Without balance, the already weakened body struggles to function and heal. There is more structural benefit from one session of Body Work done correctly than is possible with years of even the best supplements. Benefits are visible immediately. The positive physical effects can be felt for years after treatment.