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PH_logo2016_greenpathWhat is naturopathy? It is a philosophy of health care and maintenance which utilizes safe and effective holistic, natural therapies to effect healing and wellness in the whole person. A Naturopath uses a holistic approach that takes into account state of mind, spiritual condition, underlying nutritional requirements, weaknesses, deficiencies, and the bodies’ natural energy fields.

This quite different from the Medical Doctor (MD) allopathic standard of treatment: Diagnose, categorize, and then prescribe a drug, or drugs, to ‘correct’ the symptoms. The exceptions to this standard treatment are to remove the offending organ or tissue, or destroy it via chemical, radiation, or other extreme means. The advances of traditional medicine have there place and should be utilized when applicable. In fact they are necessary in many acute/trauma instances.

Naturopaths (ND) work with individuals of all ages, concentrating on the whole person by identifying and treating the underlying cause of illness, including lifestyle, rather than treating symptoms. We see each individual, and develop plans that are specialized to their needs. Naturopathic care emphasizes supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

As Naturopaths, we recognize the need to build healthy working relationship between the two disciplines for the benefit of the individuals seeking healing, health, and wellness.

Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions is your First Step on a Natural Path to better Health and Wellness. Many people are informed by their Medical Doctor of various health concerns associated with degenerative conditions causing illness and pain in the body. Doctors often recommend lifestyle changes to address these issues, but few doctors have the time or resources to help you effectively implement the lifestyle changes necessary to halt the progression or facilitate the reversal of a condition. Alpha Solutions provides a DIATA support plan and wellness coaching that allows the body to heal itself. Call to schedule your online/phone consultation. Let Prodigious Health target your specific need so you can get on a natural path to better health and wellness. You deserve to enjoy Prodigious Health.


Omega Solutions

Have you been to Medical Doctors or Specialists and still have not found the solution to your health challenge? Have they done all they can for your condition? If you are not satisfied with giving up on regaining your health and are willing to try a natural path to health, Omega solutions is your first step on a natural path to better health and Wellness. The Naturopathic professionals at Prodigious Health will commit the time, and resources available to you to assist you in implementing natural therapies to allow your body to heal itself. At Prodigious Health, we believe that it is God's desire that all be healed."Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" 3 John 2.

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Prodigious Health

Helping You Find Natural Paths to Better Health and Wellness


“Life is a story so make yours a best seller” Your Diata shapes your vision and paradigm. It encompasses your thoughts which lead to your actions which determine your outcome. Every aspect of your life affects your diata and is affected by your diata. Your diata represents your life’s diet, who you are in your mind, body, and spirit. It occupies your existence. Our Health is often a direct result of our diata. We try changing one aspect of our diata, such as our diet, while not changing anything else such as our activity levels, only to find ourselves contending with the same health challenges we faced before we changed our diet. If you are one who is truly sick and tired of being sick and tired, try a diata change today!


Better Health

Prodigious Health is a natural health practice committed to empowering individuals and families to achieve and maintain true health through the teaching of natural health principles and the utilization of natural health techniques. At Prodigious Health our emphasis is on building health, not fighting disease. We assess risk factors, determine susceptibility to dis-ease and conditions, and define appropriate lifestyle modifications to prevent illness and or halt the progression of a dis-ease processes. Through the CSTS (cleansing, strengthening, tone, and support) process with Prodigious Health, you can have victory over your health challenges.

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